"When we arrived at HCA to visit our brother David, we were overjoyed to see him. He looked great. He was happy and looked well cared for. I personally took home the comfort in knowing that he was safe. David looked more content than I ever remembered. This gave me peace. I have not stopped smiling yet. Just thinking about how happy he looked and the people that are running the facility are very attentive and professional. They were informative and most importantly, very kind.

I am glad to know that he is in the care of HCA."

~ Sister of HCA client


"Thank you for thinking of my daughter.  Anyone who knows me, knows that she is the most important thing in my life-her and her sister.  I never really had the chance to thank Desi and Andrea and the entire staff at the HCA/Head Start organization.  I truly believe that you all were sent to us and my daughter through a higher power. Without all the work and care that you and everyone there provided her, I don't believe she would be in the position she is now.  Her personality has blossomed light years from where it was pre-HCA.  I could honestly live 1,000 lives and never be able to show enough gratitude for what you all have done.  My wife and I talk all the time about how blessed we were to have been able to have our daughter attend there and how amazing you all are.  What you do for these children cannot be measured in money, distinguishment, or degrees.  You make lives whole again and give parents hope.  I am sincerely thankful.  I wish you the best personally and professionally.  Please tell everyone thank you from my wife and myself.  I have reommended you to anyone and everyone I have spoke with and will continue to sing your praises as long as I have an audience.  I hope you know what you meant and mean to us."

~ Parents of HCA preschooler



"Dear HCA, I wanted to take just a brief moment to commend the supervisor of your Medicaid Service Coordination program.   She routinely sends me complex packets of information to determine eligibility for services. I have called her personally and also wish to tell you the excellent quality of work. This extra step she takes ensures that individuals you serve are represented as accurately as possible and get the services they need.

Sincerely, BDDSO Article 16 Administrator NYSOPWDD-Psychologist II "

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