Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and language skills are an integral part of an individual’s social interactions and educational development.

A speech language pathology evaluation at HCA will assess the following factors:

  • Receptive language - understanding what is said
  • Expressive language - use of language to express ideas
  • Articulation/Phonology - speech sound production
  • Fluency - disruptions in the flow of speech
  • Voice - determination of appropriate vocal quality, pitch and intensity
  • Oral motor - inspection of mouth to determine structural/functional adequacy for speech production
  • Non-verbal communication methods - incorporating sign language, communication boards and electronic devices

If concerns are found in any of these areas, HCA will recommend the appropriate speech therapy treatment, tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our certified and/or licensed speech/language pathologists and certified Teachers of Speech and Hearing Handicapped (TSHH) provide both individual and classroom therapy sessions in the home or in childcare settings.

We also encourage an interdisciplinary approach, educating and coordinating with the child's family/caregivers, teachers, and other therapists.

For more information about HCA’s speech and language pathology program, please contact the speech and language department coordinator at (607) 798-7117 x324.

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