A licensed psychologist provides psychotherapy in our Medicaid Article 28 Clinic and clinical supervision of our licensed social workers who also provide psychotherapy. The client must be eligible for services under OPWDD (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities) with a diagnosed developmental delay.

HCA has two behavior management programs funded through OPWDD for individuals who qualify. Intensive Behavior Management Services (IBS) is for clients with severe behavior needs who otherwise would need residential placement. Our licensed psychologist writes a behavior plan which is implemented by one of our licensed social workers over a 6-month period.

The second program is through a Family Support grant (FSS) which is for less severe behavioral needs. It is similar to the IBS program, but the social workers can work on identified behavioral goals with the family and aren’t limited to a 6-month period.

For more information about HCA’s counseling program, please contact the Clinical Director at (607) 798-7117 ext. 311.

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